How much is the subscription for Time Well Spent?

Subscribing to Time Well Spent is an annual fee of R250 per year. Remember: the first 3 months is a free trial period!

How do I pay for my subscription?

Time Well Spent uses Payfast as our payment gateway, and we support credit cards, EFT, Masterpass and Zapper payments.

I currently use an electronic logbook. How do I import my data?

Importing your logbook is as easy as sending us the export from the app that you are using. We've imported hundreds of logbooks successfully, and only on rare occasions were we unable to import from other applications.

Turnaround time for imports is less than 2 business days.

I'm using a custom Excel sheet to log my data. Why should I use Time Well Spent?

Over the years we've seen some amazing Excel sheets. But in the end, not a single Excel sheet offers the functionality that Time Well Spent brings to the table. We offer detailed analysis of your logbook, and our logbook summaries are also in the correct SACAA format?

A final thing to consider when considering Excel vs Time Well Spent. Are you 100% certain that the math in your formulae are correct? Time Well Spent is used by hundreds of pilots, and we've been operating since 2016. We are very confident in our system giving you accurate analysis of your logbook.

Can you import my custom Excel sheet?

As with importing from other applications, we've seen great success importing custom made Excel sheets. Simply send us the file, and we will be able to confirm whether the import will be possible.

Turnaround time for imports is less than 2 business days.